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Our growing network of volunteers, donors, and nonprofit partners rescued and resourced our neighbors with 5.4 million pounds of food in 2022.


We can do even more good with your help.


#FoodRescueHeroes are integral in fighting food waste and ensuring our communities have better access to fresh, nutritious food. One hour makes a local difference! Download the Philly Food Rescue app and claim your first rescue today.

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We work with both large and small distributors and accept donations from grocers, restaurants, caterers, universities, farmers markets, and more, matching them with nearby affordable housing communities and local nonprofit organizations.

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Email us at: or call us at (215) 301-3734 or (215) 223-2220 ext. 131

Our Services Are:


Our dispatchers match donations to a nearby partner and publish the rescue to our app for immediate pickup.


Pickup process is tailored to donor needs, with real-time dispatch and support provided.


Transit time is monitored and adheres to food safety guidelines. Donors are protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

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By collaborating with 300+ agencies on the ground – affordable housing providers, masjids, churches, medical clinics, after-school centers, pantries, and shelters – we can increase local access to fresh food, provide last-mile transportation, and equip communities with more of what they need.

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