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Since 1986

Share Food Program started in 1986 as a food co-op for communities in need of access to low-cost food in Philadelphia. Since 1991 we have been a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to getting food to our vulnerable neighbors in need throughout the City, and beyond its borders in surrounding townships and counties throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Share Food Program is now the leading hunger relief organization in our region, and one of the largest independent food banks in the nation.

“The pandemic pushed food insecurity rates to heights we’d never seen. This need hasn’t diminished; the urgency only grown. Together, we need to take action every chance we have. And we must find innovative solutions for every obstacle in the way of food equity and justice. No matter what occurs in the next year or two, no matter what we face as a city or a country, one constant remains: people need to eat, and we’re going to be there to feed them.”

George Matysik, Executive Director of Share Food Program

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Our Food

The food we distribute comes from many places, including government partners, supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants, farms and food drives. There are complex supply chain logistics and significant funding needed to purchase, coordinate, store, pack and distribute millions of pounds of food each month.


Our History of Compassion

Share Food Program distributes food to 1,000,000 neighbors in need each month.

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