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Share has numerous, vibrant partnerships with a range of nonprofits, community-based and public sector agencies. The Philadelphia Office of Services to the Homeless designated Share as the City of Philadelphia’s managing agency for the State Food Purchase Program, and the PA Department of Agriculture contracts with Share to operate the TEFAP Entitlement Program.

Other community partners include the Health Promotion Council, Coalition Against Hunger, the Archdiocese’s Nutritional Development Services and other direct service, planning and advocacy collaborations. Through our Urban Agriculture program, Share partners with the Philadelphia Horticulture Society to share greenhouse space, planting materials and equipment. The Philadelphia Orchard Project planted and tends several fruit-bearing trees at Share; the Philadelphia Bee Project houses beehives on our warehouse roof, and a stormwater collection program is diverting rainwater from our roof into irrigation for raised beds.

We have also expanded our partnership with the nutrition education team at the School District of Philadelphia, to help more students and parents access fresh produce and Share Food Packages. By the end of the 2023 school year, Share will be providing fresh produce at 17 schools through 15 produce stands and two direct distributions.

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