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Press Release: Share Food Program acquires Philly Food Rescue from Uplift Solutions

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July 12, 2021
Written By: Jessica Bautista


PHILADELPHIA, PA – On July 1, 2021, Philly Food Rescue, one of the largest food rescue organizations in the region, transitioned from Uplift Solutions to Share Food Program, the largest food bank and hunger relief organization in the region. This move will have an incredible impact in the fight against hunger in Philadelphia, as well as save even more food from landfills each year.

Amid its historic response during the pandemic, Share Food Program saw the need to further diversify its food supply and grow last mile capability.

“Not only do we see this acquisition as an opportunity to bolster Share’s incoming food sources, but this is also a significant addition to our team and technology,” said George Matysik, Executive Director of Share Food Program. “Share Food Program is committed to bringing a higher level of service for our customers than the big for-profit entities. This acquisition brings us the technology needed to deliver on that promise—with talented PFR team members who are wholly committed to this work.”

For Uplift Solutions, a long-time partner of Share Food Program, this acquisition was a natural one. 

“Uplift Solutions incubated and grew the Philly Food Rescue program to address food waste and access to fresh food for the hungry. Philly Food Rescue has grown immensely over the past three years, and the need for its programming continues to expand. Uplift Solutions leadership and board recognized that Philly Food Rescue could grow far more, and have a much larger impact, being housed within an organization that is focused exclusively on food insecurity,” said Atif Bostic, Executive Director of Uplift Solutions. “Share Food Program, the leader in the fight against hunger in the area, was an obvious choice.”  

“This divestiture allows Uplift to focus on its core efforts in training and assisting re-entrants in achieving their full career potential,” said Jeffrey Brown, chairman of Uplift Solutions.

There will be no disruption to Philly Food Rescue programming throughout the transition, as the Share Food Program incorporates PFR’s operations and technology into the existing infrastructure. 

“As part of Share Food Program, Philly Food Rescue is more committed than ever to its mission of ensuring that surplus food remains within our communities,” said Suzannah Paul, Philly Food Rescue Operations Manager. “Share’s innovation and capacity means that our dedicated volunteers, donors, and nonprofit and housing partners will be equipped to make a greater impact, keeping nourishing food out of the waste stream and resourcing even more neighbors across our region.”

Additionally, with support from the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund, Share Food Program retains the services of Food Connect Group, which offers additional food rescue and last mile capability.

“This is one of the most significant multi-organization initiatives we’ve seen in the hunger relief space in Philadelphia in years,” said Matysik. “During COVID, we saw, more than ever, the value of these partnership opportunities. With Share Food Program, Philly Food Rescue, and Food Connect coming together, we can continue to build the system needed to reduce hunger in the Philadelphia region.”


About Share Food Program: 
Share Food Program is a nonprofit organization focused on eradicating food insecurity in the Philadelphia region through food distribution, education, and advocacy. Through partnerships with nearly 800 schools and more than 350 pantries across the region, Share Food Program is the largest-serving food bank in the Philadelphia region, and the largest independent food bank in the country.

For more information about Share Food Program, please visit, or connect with us on Twitter or Instagram at @ShareFoodPhilly.

Contact: Suzannah Paul, Philly Food Rescue Operations Manager,

About Uplift Solutions: 
Uplift Solutions is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 with a mission of delivering entrepreneurial solutions that support underserved communities for the joy of a healthy life by addressing the Social Determinants of Health within those communities. It’s core program, Workforce Solutions, works to train and reintegrate formerly incarcerated and otherwise justice involved individuals back into society and the workforce. For more information: 

Contact: Toral Patel, Uplift Solutions Development Director,