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Philly Food Rescue stocks community fridges for 24/7 food access

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December 21, 2022
Written By: Amanda Ruffner

Philly Food Rescue at Share Food Program is proud to partner with the mutual aid network of community fridges throughout the city.

Our fridge partners are stocked and cleaned daily, ServSafe certified, and open to the public 24/7. The community is invited to take food, share food, and spread the word about alternative sharing economies of free, fresh groceries and dry goods within our neighborhoods.

The community fridges that Philly Food Rescue stocks regularly are:

East Falls Community Fridge – 3507 Midvale Avenue, outside Vault & Vine

Fridges and Family – 1149 South 9th Street, outside The People’s Kitchen

Germantown Community Fridge (multiple locations):

  • 20 West Armat Street, outside Greene Street Friends School
  • 19 High Street, outside First United Methodist Church of Germantown

Mt. Airy Community Fridge & Pantry – 6900 Stenton Ave, on the property of Unitarian Universalists of Mt. Airy

The People’s Fridge – 125 S 52nd St, outside Lucien E. Blackwell West Regional Library (opening soon!)

South Philly Community Fridge (multiple locations):

  • BOK Building: 1901 South 9th Street
  • DiSilvestro Playground: 1701 South 15th Street
  • Mifflin Square Park (pantry only): 516 Wolf Street
  • S Cleveland St (pantry only): 1542 South Cleveland Street

Philly’s first community fridge opened in August 2020, and the movement has only continued to grow—there are now almost 30 community fridges around the city. All of these mutual aid sites rely on volunteer support for tasks like cleaning, stocking, shopping and larger donation pickups. If you’re interested in getting involved with your neighborhood fridge, check out their websites / social media linked in the list above, or download the Philly Food Rescue app to help distribute fresh food to community fridges and more locations!


About Philly Food Rescue at Share

Philly Food Rescue (PFR) works to fight food waste and increase access to fresh food, resourcing a network of 275+ partners with surplus from grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants, caterers and other organizations.

Get involved! Download the Philly Food Rescue app—our volunteer-facing mobile platform—to find a food rescue near where you live or work. Or reach out to become a food donor or partner.