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Before COVID-19 hit, hunger was already an epidemic in Philadelphia. Now, it’s a crisis. But with you by our side, Share Food Program is doing more than ever to bring nourishing food to our neighbors in need.

The ripple effects of the pandemic have spread far and wide, and with a volatile supply chain and skyrocketing inflation, nourishing food is further out of reach and hunger is an everyday reality for hundreds of thousands of folks in our region.

The time to act is now.

You have the power to lift up seniors, children, and family members in need. Today, your gift will directly help us fight hunger. We’re working around the clock to feed our neighbors, but together, we can make an even bigger difference.

Your gift has never been so crucial. Thank you.

A Donation of
feeds a school-aged child for a week
helps Share Food Program distribute 4 million pounds of emergency food relief a month
nourishes a family of four for a week