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Food insecurity is rising in our region. Share is stepping up to the challenge – with your help.

Our Aggressive Response to COVID-19

We’ve expanded and heightened activities to meet the rising need during the coronavirus crisis, working tirelessly to get food to our neighbors who need it most.

Our Mission of Compassion

 That’s how many pounds of food Share has distributed each month since the outbreak of COVID-19 in our region. We anticipate this need to continue increasing, and we will continue to respond so that no one goes hungry.

4 Million 
7 Days

 The number of days each week staff and volunteers are accepting deliveries, packing boxes, loading trucks, loading cars, managing logistics, fundraising and providing updates to the media and local officials. It is a non-stop operation.

The food we distribute comes from many places: including government partners, supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants, farms and food drives. There are complex logistics and significant funding needs to purchasing, coordinating, storing, packaging and distributing millions of pounds of food each month. Our work and impact is made possible by the generosity of our donors.

We’re a Team of Doers

We are a proud bunch of devoted staff, mighty volunteers and generous supporters.

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Share started in 1986 as a food co-op for communities in need of access to low-cost food in Philadelphia. Since 1991 we have been a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to getting food to our vulnerable neighbors in need throughout the city, and beyond its borders in surrounding townships and counties throughout the Philadelphia region.

The largest provider of food to vulnerable citizens in the Philadelphia region, Share Food Program distributes food to 700,000 neighbors in need each month, 36% of whom are children, and 12% of whom are seniors. And those numbers are from before the COVID-19 crisis began – the need has risen sharply since early 2020.

Following a statewide advocacy effort from the state’s entire federal congressional delegation, along with Governor Tom Wolf and state food bank and agricultural industry advocates, Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding has received federal approval for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to operate a Disaster Household Distribution program. Check out the link below for more information.

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2901 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19129

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Breah Banks  | Farm and Land Manager |
Tymir Bell | Truck Helper
Dan Callahan | CSFP Program Coordinator |

Noah Canada | Warehouse Assistant/Truck Helper
Virgil Carter | Warehouse Assistant
Hannah Chatterjee | Assistant Director of Commodity Distribution |

Zebediah Combs | Truck Driver
Steve Crone | Manager, Commodity Distribution |

Ellie Crowell | Fresh Food Coordinator |
Jared Dobkin | Transportation Manager |
Patrick Druhan | Director, MontCo Hunger Solutions |

Charlie Gibson | Associate, Montco Hunger Solutions |

Danny Griffith | Chief of Staff |
Lile Harrison | Truck Driver
Yamir Hayes – Truck Helper
Rodney Jenkins | Warehouse Assistant
Gail Johnson | Administrative Director |
Kenneth Johnson | Truck Driver
Lamont Johnson | Driver and Warehouse Assistant
Tyrone Johnson | Truck Driver
Ellie Kaplan | Pantry Network Manager |

Maria Koleda | Director of Commodity Distribution |

Kristin Lide-Hall | Volunteer and Communications Manager |

George Matysik | Executive Director |
Alexander McHugh | COVID Response Team Member |

Eloise McBride | Director of Operations and Facilities |

Denzel McLean | Truck Helper 
Alexander Mungo | Truck Helper 
Mara Natkins | Director of Development |
Sigourney Norman | COVID Response Team Member |

Steve Preston | Director of Emergency Response |

Tobias Preston | Data Entry Associate|
Ken Richardson | Truck Driver
Steve Riley | Truck Driver
Maurice Shaw | Driver and Warehouse Assistant
Khalil Steward | Receiving Manager 
Shaheem Steward | Truck Helper
John Sudolsky | CSFP Program Manager |
Nina Taylor | Product Procurement |
Viktoria Taylor-Richardson | Office Manager |

Willey Wallace | Truck Driver

Onika Washington-Johnson | Volunteer Coordinator |

Madeleine Weko
 | Coordinator, Montco Hunger Solutions |

The Share Food Team